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Overview: Subsidies for digitalization

APP3null has already helped many SMEs to digitalise and automate internal processes. The resulting efficiency gains are considerable. However, the investment required for the associated software development is correspondingly high. For this reason, many such projects are put on hold.

With a suitable state subsidy, you can receive up to 50%, and under certain circumstances even up to 70%, of the costs incurred from the state. This makes your project funding possible after all and, together with us, you can push ahead with the digitalisation of your company. There are subsidies for existing companies as well as for start-ups.

What subsidies are available?

The project funding landscape is very diverse and confusing. There are subsidies from the state and the federal government. Different subsidies are suitable for different companies or projects. You can find a comprehensive list of subsidies for digitisation here.

The usual subsidies that we have successfully applied for together with our clients:

Submit an enquiry - apply for funding - implement the project

The procedure

Submit a request

It all starts with a project enquiry: You send us as detailed a project description as possible, we clarify the details of the project and check whether you are eligible to apply and which project funding you are best suited for.

Request project funding

We will then advise you on which funding can be applied for and for what amount. Together we will go through the necessary documents until the application is prepared. Now all that remains is to wait for the answer.

Implement project

After you have received the approvals, we can start with the implementation of the project. The process is standardised: concept – design – development – quality assurance – publication – support.

A few selected customers

Benefit from our technical expertise

Android Entwicklung
Android entwickler
Android Entwickler
App Agentur
App Entwickler

The next steps

Do you have a project enquiry (web and/or app development), or would you like competent technical advice and are you eligible to apply for one of the state subsidies? Then simply get in touch with us. We will advise you free of charge, discuss the project with you, check which funding program is suitable for you and apply for the funding together. Contact us now!

To know more about how we can best help you

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