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Hybrid app development on React Native| Xamarin |Flutter

Our agency, based in Munich, is your development partner for hybrid apps and offers you professional hybrid app development of the highest quality. We accompany you from start to finish and take care of concept development as well as design, programming, upload to store and marketing of your app. We develop on the basis of React Native, Flutter and Xamarin.

React Native
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Hybrid app development


We create a clear concept based on your ideas. Brainstorming together, supported by our experience, we quickly arrive at an optimal result.

Hybrid app development

Hybrid app development offers many advantages: it is cheaper, offers a large framework selection, often uses web technologies. Code maintenance is easier. Hybrid development is becoming more and more popular.


We create a modern design for your app. In doing so, we take into account the current trends as well as the “best practices” of the respective platform.

Hybride app support

Hybrid development is only the beginning. Every app needs qualified supervision, support and further development. Our experienced hybrid developers can provide this and ensure that your app works successfully.

Backend development

An application without a backend is like a car without an engine. Whether it’s the good old PHP, Node.js or Python – we deliver what your app needs, a scalable backend.

Hybrid developers

In addition to full-service development, we can let our hybrid developers work for you on a temporary basis. If you have short-term capacity constraints, our developers can support you full-time on-site or remotely.

Our technologies

Our developers use the following technologies for hybrid app development: We are very familiar with Xamarin, React Native and Flutter, as well as 3D graphics, location-based service APIs, mobile app security architecture and other technologies.

Why App3null

Fair and transparent prices, no bargains but no cost traps either. You get what you pay for! We have been developing hybrid apps all day every day for 7 years. So we know what we are doing! Clean code, clean documentation, modern frameworks, every bug is fixed.

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FAQ about Hybrid App Development

What is hybrid app development?

Hybrid Development is a way of building mobile apps using open web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, rather than using the proprietary or specialized languages used by iOS, Android, and others.
Hybrid apps function in a full-screen browser which looks like a native app to the user. Through customizable plugins, hybrid-built apps can run on any platform or device, all from a single codebase, while still delivering a completely native experience.

What is the best programming language for developing hybrid mobile apps?

Our Hybrid app developers use the basis of React Native, Flutter, and Xamarin for creating a hybrid app.

Can a hybrid app developing help me reduce cost, without sacrificing quality?

Building a hybrid app is faster than working in native code, and application maintenance is also easier because you only have one codebase to worry about. This usually translates into lower costs for initial development and ongoing maintenance of your apps.
If you have more questions about hybrid app costs you can reach our professional hybrid app developers here.

Do you have any more questions about hybrid app development?

If you have any questions about hybrid app development, reach out to us . We are always ready to provide all the necessary information.

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