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What we offer

Our technologies

Tech stack

– PHP development (Laravel) + MySQL
– Node.js development + MongoDB
– Python (Django) development + PostgreSQL
– Setup and support of audio/video streaming servers
– Deployment on cloud platforms, such as AWS, Azure, DigitalOcean
– Microservices(Docker)
– Continuous Integration

Projects / Industries

– SaaS App/Backend Development
– Logistics App/Backend Development
– Dating, Social Media Apps
– Gaming Apps
– Video and audio streaming apps with large workloads
– Other apps

Our Advantages

Why App3null

Many companies offer backend development. Why should you choose us?

  • We have developed several projects that have to withstand large amounts of traffic. These apps are used by several million users and the corresponding backend architecture must be resilient.
  • We can freely handle many technologies, from the old and proven PHP to modern technologies like Python and Node.sj. Each technology has its own advantages and disadvantages and we are good at assessing where to use which solution.
  • As with other services: we offer fair value for money. No bargain, but no top cost of app development either.
  • We provide long-term support for your project.
  • For all emergencies and crashes, we are always there to take care of your problems.

Backend Development PHP|Node.js|Python

High quality backend development is an integral part of most web and app projects. Efficient structure, scalability, secure storage of large amounts of data – these are just a few important factors that play a crucial role for your project.

A few selected customers

Complex and scalable backend solutions

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What we offer

Web App Development


The right architecture is a foundation of backend. Many projects fail because the backend and database are designed without a plan and clear specifications. We define the requirements and create an appropriate backend architecture.


According to specifications, we develop backend for your mobile or web project using modern technologies. We pay attention to code quality, efficiency, security and data protection. We develop on the basis of PHP, Node.js or Python as well as other modern technologies.

Deployment & Support

Every backend needs a suitable server setup, proper deployment, support and maintenance. We maintain your backend infrastructure, pay attention to the utilisation of the servers, take care of capacity up- and downscaling, software updates and other matters.

FAQ about Backend Development

What is the best language for backend development?

Each mobile or web project requires a unique combination of backend technologies. Our Backend developers provide Tech stack including PHP development (Laravel) + MySQL, Node.js development + MongoDB, Python (Django) development + PostgreSQL.

Why is backend development needed?

The backend is the main core of an application that controls what happens on the server. Our backend developers store and organize data, app hosting, and enhanced security for you to use your application fully, without any issues.

How long does the backend development process last?

The development time depends on the complexity of the project. A simple project can be completed in a month, while a complex program can take several months to build. We provide long-term support for your project.

How much do backend development services cost?

The cost of backend development services is calculated individually for each mobile and web project. The backend development cost depends on:
- The amount of data;
- Technical requirements;
- The number of backend developers working on the project.
You can contact us to find out the backend development cost specifically for your project. At App3null we offer fair value for money.

Do you have any more questions about Backend development?

If you have any questions, You can reach out to us . We are always ready to provide all the necessary information.

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