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Android development


We create a clear concept based on your ideas. When brainstorming together, supported by our experience, we quickly come to an optimal result.

Android Development

The world of mobile operating systems would be a completely closed system without Android. We love the freedom of design and wide distribution of Android. We would also be happy to develop your Android app for you.


According to the motto “Eye eats with you” we create a modern design for your app. In doing so, we take into account the current trends and the “best practices” of the respective platform.

Android App Support

Android development is just the beginning. Every app needs qualified supervision, support and further development. Our experienced Android developers can guarantee this and ensure that your app works successfully.

Backend Development

An application without a backend is like a car without an engine. Whether the good old PHP, or Node.js or Python – we deliver what your app needs, a scalable backend.

Android Developer

In addition to full-service development, we can leave our Android developers to you on a temporary basis. If you have short-term capacity bottlenecks, our developers can support you full-time on site or remotely.

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Android Development to success

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Europäische Reiseversicherung Mobile App development by App3null

Get Your Android App Developed On Kotlin|Java|React Native

Advantages of Android development: Android is the most important platform for mobile devices. It consists of a large ecosystem with strong network effects. Android is an open source platform and very flexible. Android has a large and loyal developer community. Another advantage is high compatibility with other Google products, such as Gmail, Gtalk, Google Maps and YouTube.

When you let us develop your Android app, you are guaranteed a bug-free application with a clean code.

React Native

Our Android Technologies

Our Android app developers use the following technologies: We are very familiar with Android Software Development Kit (SDK), Kotlin,Java, Dagger ,  ReactiveX / RxAndroid, OpenGL, 3D Graphics, Location-based Service APIs, Android Security Architecture and other technologies.

In addition to native implementation, we offer Android development based on hybrid technologies .

Why Choose APP3null

Fair and transparent prices, no bargains but also no cost traps. You get what you pay for! We have been developing Android apps all day every day for 8 years. So we know what we’re doing! Clean code, clean documentation, modern frameworks, every bug is fixed. Our Android developers have many years of experience in this area and can handle the most complex tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions About Android Development

What is the average time you take to develop an android app?

While a simple version of a mobile app takes around three months to develop, a complex mobile app can take nine months to develop. There is no time limit per se to developing a fully functional mobile app for your business. How long it takes to complete your mobile app development project depends entirely on the external factors that need to be considered.

What if I want changes to be made in the app once it is launched or delivered?

Android development is just the beginning. Every app needs qualified supervision, support, and further development. Our experienced Android developers can guarantee this and ensure that your app works successfully.

What are the fees to create a developer account on Google?

The costs for the developer account, which is necessary for the publication of apps in the respective app stores, are a one-time fee of $25 for Google Play. With Google Play, the app can be uploaded directly.

What language is used for Android app development?

Android apps give you a little more freedom in the development. You need the Android Software Development Kit, which provides you with most of the tools you need. The most common programming language used in development is Java, but C++ and Ruby are also commonly used.
In addition to native implementation, we offer Android development based on hybrid technologies.

How to transfer apps from android to iPhone?

Native apps are clearly better in terms of performance and usability. Documentation, support, and available tools also make native apps a better choice. So if you want to create an app that really "rocks", do it natively!
On the other hand, if you want to create an app for multiple platforms quickly and relatively cheaply, especially if the use of the native functions of the operating system is not too extensive, you are better off with hybrid apps. You can learn more about this in our full guide: Native Apps vs. Web Apps vs. Hybride Apps

What platform should we target? iOS/ Android or both?

If you can somehow afford it, it is always advisable to use both platforms. We at App3null even offer the app for the second system at a discount of 20%. Nevertheless, of course, we understand if someone wants to initially limit themselves to one of the platforms, perhaps also to test the business model first. Read more about iOS vs Android development here

What will happen to my app with new OS releases on Android?

Android operating systems are constantly evolving. Major updates come out once a year. After such updates, you should check the apps, because there might be a need for adjustment, either functionally or in terms of design. In general, you should open the app projects in the new environment. Check warnings and errors and test the apps purely functionally and in terms of design.

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